Collect Application Event with Kafka

The subject I will talk about in this article is application event analysis, which will be a data collection technique that you can use in all your applications in general. With this dataset, you can perform detailed analysis, live dashboards, or live data analysis.

Creation of thread-local event object

All requests coming to our application are captured at the application layer with the interceptor pattern and event analysis begins at this stage. All the distinguishing data on the HttpServletRequest for the requesting client is taken at this stage and added to the event data.

As you will notice from the code sample above, we…

Trendyol search team pipeline CI/CD
Trendyol search team pipeline CI/CD

In this article, I will describe how we design our pipeline in the search team at the trendyol group. We have some good features on our CI/CD progress. Like these,

  • Create sync branches for QA and Development team
  • Build the project with sonar analysis
  • Sonar quality gate status check
  • QA sync feature pipeline
  • Deploy a feature-based container for the test
  • Feature-based QA testing with isolating QA Environment
  • Automatically create Merge Request
  • Consul dynamic config push
  • Environment based deployment

Our goal as a team is to be able to deploy projects with one click. We have designed a lot of pipelines…

In this article, I will describe how you can integrate your Kubernetes clusters to Gitlab CI/CD progress with the Gitlab Core license. In our case, we are using this method for Kubernetes integration. Let’s check gitlab official support and our solution.

Gitlab Official Kubernetes Features

Gitlab provides Kubernetes support for three levels. These are instance-level, group-level, and project-level. Let’s see these configuration levels.

The first one is the instance level. Instance level Kubernetes clusters allow you to connect a Kubernetes cluster to the GitLab instance. It’s enabling you to use the same cluster configuration across multiple projects.

Another configuration level…

Gökhan Yılmaz Gökün

Senior Software Engineer @ Trendyol Tech

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